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Why use essential oils for you and your pet?

Smell is our most primitive sense, directly affecting the limbic system of the brain, the section involved with sex, motivation and emotion. We can harness this connection by using scents we find calming, pleasing or uplifting.

The design we find in nature, provides the raw material. Whether it be flowers, pine boughs, tree bark or moss, they release the aromatic and volatile components of essential oils, providing continual and beneficial results to both people and animals. Most traditional medicines derive from plants and carry powerful effects, both physically and emotionally. We can harness these effects with the careful and appropriate use of the essential oils.

We utilize the essential oils in conjunction with sound medical and veterinary practice, not as a substitute.

Good research on aromatherapy has been published and is available for us to read. Lavender oil alone has over 15 published peer reviewed research articles supporting it's beneficial effects with anxiety. Other essential oils such as Copaiba, Peppermint, Melissa and many others have been compared to or shown to be effective in their roles as anti-inflammatory essences. Go ahead and search for "essential oils" and it will reveal over 10,000 published studies.

I recently read the article about tea tree oil and the treatment of MRSA in post operative patients. Tea tree is being used in some hospitals after this research was published. After my own surgery, I did use tea tree oil and castile soap in the bottle. We prefer soap in the bottle and natural soaps that contain essential oils.


We recommend using essential oils as therapy for our pets. The examples given on the Lacey, Camo & Boo's Story page show that traditional and alternative medicine can complement each other. The benefits come when we use the oils in the proper and responsible way. We do not advocate using oils except those that are pure and we always first consult our veterinarian or alternative practitioner, obtaining a diagnosis and then working with them to come up with a treatment plan that is just right for the individual pet. We also want to start them off slowly with oils and get them to where they are useful and also enjoyed by your pet!

We are very excited to share our adventures in using essential oils to make our lives better and our animals grateful and calmer. We also want to share our fragrances and soaps that we use in place of chemicals and harsh cleaners to keep our home and kennels clean and smelling wonderful.

Thank you and please enjoy our products. We welcome any questions about them and look forward to helping others.

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