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"Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life. It can be very hard to let some of my fosters move to their permanent home. But it helps that the adoption process is so extensive that we know the dog is going to the right home. It is not a first come first serve mentality. It is a win win mentality. More than one family or person may be approved to adopt. But in the case of multiple applications on the same dog, we choose in the best interest of the dog first and foremost. Usually in getting to know the potential adopters we actually match them up with a better fit for them dog than they chose themselves. And yes, I am pushy. If the family has Facebook, I become their friend. If not, I will periodically contact by email for updates. Each dog takes a part of my heart. But I believe my heart grows with each as well. I tease that they are rental dogs...but I love each and everyone."

~Shelley Murdock

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