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● You are expected to provide your foster pet with all the loving care it needs, which includes (but not limited to) food, water, shelter and medication when required.

● Provide daily mental and physical exercise suitable to the needs of your foster.

● Adhere to all veterinarian care including keeping all appointments with the veterinarian of BARCC choosing, to follow all at home protocol as directed by the veterinarian and/or BARCC including but not limited to dispensing medications and post surgery instructions

● We expect you to use our veterinarians. If you take a foster dog to the vet without our permission it is your financial responsibility. If you have questions about symptoms you see please reach out to your foster coordinator and we will let you know what to do and/or get you veterinarian care.

● Keep a record of all veterinarian care and any medications or other care provided by the veterinarian or foster including, but not limited to vaccinations, tests (blood, fecal, skin, etc) care of minor wounds or management or minor illnesses whether veterinarian care was sought or not. All records need to be sent to BARCC

● Provide comfortable indoor sleeping arrangements in a crate if the dog is less than one year old, or older but not yet house trained; or free in the house at the foster’s discretion.

● Provide a safe way for the dog to be outside either within a physical fence that is adequate in size and secure enough to protect the dog from escape or from harassment from roaming animals; or with an electronic fencing system, on a leash or on a tethering system with the understanding that the dog will be accompanied by a responsible person at all times while outside. This is vital to assure the dog’s safety not only from escaping and becoming lost or injured, but  protect the dog from roaming animals. The dog is not to be outside unattended.

● Refrain from taking the dog out of the house and/or fenced area off leash for any reason.

● Keep a collar and/or harness/easy walk/head halter on the dog at all times that he or she is outside.

● Keep and care for the dog as an inside house pet, allowed to be close to the people and the other animals of the house, with proper supervision and with the proper steps taken to assure the safety of the foster pet, the fostering family members and fostering family pets.

●Reasons to not include your foster pet around your own pet include quarantine, aggressive dog, or expecting/new momma dog and newborn puppies etc.

● Quarantine is a requirement if your foster dog is coming out of the shelter and into your home. This means the dog      is  not exposed to other dogs in the house; personal or other foster. Keeping the foster in a separate area of the home from where they would normally interact. We also need to be informed during the 14 day quarantine period or decompression time of any changes in the dog's appearance, behavior, or medical changes.

● Secure the dog when traveling by either using a crate or tethering the dog safely in the vehicle.

● Don't transport the dogs in an open pickup truck bed, open or closed trailer, or boat/trailer.

● Refrain from taking the dog on any type of watercraft, motorized or non-motorized, unless the dog is wearing an approved pet life preserver.

● Never leave the dog unattended around a pond, creek, or other body of water.

● Provide the rescue and potential adopters with accurate and timely information about your foster.

● Answer any questions in a reasonable amount of time that we may have about your foster pet so we can make sure it stays healthy and gets adopted to the best possible home.

● Provide clear pictures, videos and stories about your foster with the goal of increasing adoption potential. You are expected to be available via phone call, text, and/or emails so that we can check-in when necessary and coordinate appointments and meet and greets with potential adopters.

● Seek out opportunities to take the dog in public places, such as pet friendly stores, parks, pet festivals, etc with the approval of BARCC after appropriate vetting and to do so with the dog on a leash with either a collar, harness, easy walk, head halter as agreed upon by all parties, and to keep the dog under control and to take personal responsibility for the dog’s actions.

● Assume responsibility for all actions of the dog while in the care of the foster family and not hold liable BARCC with which the foster family has a fostering agreement.

● Agree to take in a dog as is with all defects either observable or unobserved and assume responsibility for the duration of the fostering.

● Agree to not foster other animals from any other organizations without first consulting BARCC representative.

● Agree not to transfer care or ownership to any person or organization for any reason.

● Agree to contact BARCC in the event the dog is lost or stolen.

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