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Serene Life is peaceful and calming. It can be used to help wind down after a long day. Essential oils of blue tansy, blue cypress, Roman chamomile, lavendar, frankincense, bergamot, clary sage and ylang ylang.


For people, this can be worn mixed with your favorite carrier oil, body butter or lotion. It can also be diffused and mixed with distilled water in your glass spray bottle. 2 oz. distilled water and up to 20 drops of the oil. Mix and spray all over.


For dogs, this can be mixed in water and sprayed, diffused, or petted. At this time, we recommend using on dogs only. I started Lacey with 1 drop and petted it on her back between her shoulder blades. Once she tolerated that, we increased 1 drop per day. She now gets up to 6 drops at a time, for smaller dogs, obviously use less drops. Less is MORE.


The best way is diffusion. It is a heavy oil and blue due to azulene in the blue tansy and the blue cypress. You can also mix with fractionated coconut oil and rub on.


Always patch test first.


You can contact me if  you have questions about application or usage.


Always get a diagnosis from your vet first before starting to use oils for your dog. You can also follow us on Facebook,

Serene Life, our newest blend for wind down, sleep and rest, 5 ml bottle

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